top 5 Indiegogo campaigns

Top 5 Indiegogo Campaigns to Support

With our Indiegogo campaign in full swing, we thought it’s about time we share some of our favourite crowdfunding campaigns. Crowd funding is a great way to fund a project or new venture with contributions from a large number of people. In turn, contributors are often rewarded with perks as a way of thanks. So if you’re feeling generous today, then read ahead where you will find some of the most interesting campaigns at the moment.

indiegogo - rawwood

rawWood Shades Co: If handcraften, wooden sunglasses are your thing, then help rawWood Shades Co achieve their dreams. What’s ore is that for every pair of sunglasses sold, they pledge to plant a tree as a bid to do their bit for the environment. Head to their Indiegogo campaign page to find out more about their project.

Curiios: Parisa Zahedi is hoping to donate funds to achieve a childhood dream, opening an online shop this autumn. Since we are in ecommerce ourselves, we think any project such as this is remarkable. What’s more is that we love some of the jewellery and watches that Parisa is hoping to sell. Head over to the Curiios campaign page to find out more. Plus there’s some pretty darn good perks in it, too.

indiegogo - necessary good

Necessary Good, LLC: Buy a pair of colourful socks and in turn, Necessary Good will donate 10% of the proceeds to charities that support children’s education. A great way to get involved in some charitable efforts with very little effort. Head to the Necessary Good campaign page to donate to charity!


IconemesisOf course, we couldn’t not mention our own Indiegogo campaign where we are currently raising funds to enter the next stage of our manufacturing and production process. With the funds we raise – thanks to your amazing generosity – we will be able to produce better quality cases with the possibility of expanding our accessories range. Plus we’re currently offering a free iPhone case to those who share our campaign on their social media channels. Check out all the details here, and head over to our Indiegogo campaign for details on how to contribute!

De Rigueur: The idea for De Rigueur all started with the discovery of an old satchel. With a colourful history, De Rigueur markets itself as a men’s accessories brand, specialising in high end leather accessories. By the looks of things, they have some top notch pieces which would make perfect birthday presents. With four days left of their campaign, don’t forget to check out their Indiegogo page!

Which Indiegogo campaigns will you be contributing to?